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Since 1989, the Tree of Hope campaign has allowed significant projects to be carried out; New Brunswickers and their families affected by cancer have benefited directly from these projects. 100 % of the funds raised through the campaign stays here in New Brunswick and allow numerous priority projects to take flight. This campaign makes all the difference in the lives of patients.

The campaign has become a cause around which many communities have united. Year after year, they work hard to raise funds and help in the fight against cancer. Schools, community groups, businesses and many other organizations and institutions dedicate their time and money to make sure that we are constantly improving oncology services in New Brunswick. Great things are accomplished through solidarity, and the Tree of Hope campaign is a perfect example.

Since its inception, the campaign has raised close to $30 million. These funds have contributed to various projects. Here are a few examples:
  • Construction and expansion of the Mgr. Henri-Cormier Lodge to accommodate patients from outside Moncton and their escorts.
  • Purchase of a linear accelerator to considerably reduce wait times for radiotherapy treatments.
  • Assistance with the implementation of a teleoncology program for the screening of cancer of the cervix, in partnership with three Northern New Brunswick hospitals and the Elsipogtog Native community.
  • Purchase of an internal radiation therapy system for the treatment of prostate cancer.
  • Purchase of internal radiation therapy equipment using ultrasound to provide quality health care to women diagnosed with gynecological cancer. Treatment times were reduced to two to four hours compared to the previous treatment, which was administered over 48 hours and had to be repeated. The rooms formerly used for the old treatment were made available to other patients.
  • Implementation of the pediatric oncology program.
  • Acquisition of hysteroscopy equipment offering a non-invasive and effective surgical option to patients for the treatment of fibromas.
  • Acquisition of a bronchial echo-endoscope, a new technology previously unavailable to New Brunswickers.
  • Acquisition of digital mammography equipment for the screening of breast cancer.
  • Financial contribution to the distance consultation project for regions outside Greater Moncton.
  • Acquisition of a PET/CT, an ultramodern diagnostic imaging unit.

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Each donation made to the Tree of Hope campaign contributes directly to improving health services in oncology

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